Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I got some yummy packages yesterday: BG Mellow pp, KI Just Married pp, Love Elsie Jack+Abby pp, some AC and more scrapbooking stuff. Now, I just need to print some pics out and get scrapping. I also got a box full of baby clothes for Elyse that Rosie gave her. I need to get a thank you note out for that, and I got the cutest Kawaii fabric scraps on Etsy from here. I already made some cute albums, earrings, hair accessories, and canvas bags with it that I'm gonna put in my etsy shop. I was trying to get my new sewing materials organized and decided to make myself a cute pincushion. I'm lovin' mushrooms right now, so I made that, but it doesn't really work too well. I' having a hard time getting the pins in. What did do wrong? I stuffed it with cottonballs 'cause I ran out of polyfil. Could that be it? It's cute decoration for now, I guess. I'm gonna make another one stuffed with polyfil, and see if that was it. Anyway, let me go finish making the garlic bread. I'm hungry. Peace out.

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LoRi said...

that is so cool!! I love your mushroom. i been wanting to make a pincushion. i found this
i think is cute (^.^) maybe i'll make a little turtle!!