Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the season...

for giving and being thankful. I read about this charity on Noel Mignon's challenge blog and was completely shocked. I absolutely had no idea. I've given to this charity as well as sponsored a few marines as my way of giving back. If everyone just did their part we would truly make this world a better place.
I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, and I've now just finished my cards. This week I gotta wrap, package, and send out those to distant family and friends. Well, I really gotta get to bed if I wanna wake up tomorrow to go to work. I leave you with some cards I made for Noel's Christmas challenge.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Soooo tired.....

I'm like a walking zombie. I don't get enough sleep...maybe 4 hours a night or so. My legs are killing me. Why? I have no freakin' clue. My husband is annoying the hell out of me; and I wanna lock my kids in a soundproof closet. Yeah, it's been one of them days. Well, actually it's been like that the last few days. Just blah...and ewwww...and uugggghhhh. So, what can you do? Nothing much, but suck it up. Take a deep breath, smile, and be thankful.
So, anyway, Thanksgiving was good. Really good. I had family from Houston come over, and we chilled, stuffed our fat faces, played games, and watched movies. The kids had a blast. Good Times. I loved seeing them. Here's a few pics from our Thanksgiving weekend:
This was the best pic I could get of these kids. They just would not sit still.

My brother, Josh, and his daughter Amaya.

Isn't my niece just too cute! LOVE her hair!

Well, I gotta go, these kids are driving me up a wall. Please pray for my sanity. It's hanging by a thread.