Monday, August 28, 2006


I was talking to a special person a couple nights ago about change. Changing things about yourself. Changing your lifestyle. Making different choices. Getting out of your comfort zone and doing things you normally wouldn't do. New experiences. New outlook on life. A new you. So, it got me thinking about me. What changes do I need to make? What's better for me? For my boys? What makes me happy? After much thought, I've come to the conclusion that I've let myself go. I've lost who I really am in so many ways. I've been living my life the way other people want me to. My feelings, wants, and needs are put on the back burner while I work hard to make everyone in my life happy. And in doing so, I've disappeared. I stopped existing. I'm no longer me. And that of today, things are gonna change. I'm no longer afraid of change. I'm embracing it. I'm an intelligent, young, caring, beautiful, and damn good woman with so much to offer. I know that these changes are for the better. It's not only what I want, it's what I need.

To Do

There's a mess everywhere. I really need to get some cleaning done today. I've got lots of yummies just sitting on my desk ready to play with, but just haven't had any time to do so. So, gotta make a to do list before I lose my mind. Ummm...let's no particular order......
1. clean house
2. clear desk of yummies
3. go grocery shopping
4. download wedding pics
5. transfer most of my pics to disks
6. submit some layouts and cards
7. update profile pic
8. workout
Those things should keep me busy for awhile. Off to start the day, and get some cleaning done before my babies wake up.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Nerve

So, I'm cooking for the 4th time last night (breakfast, lunch, baked cookies, and dinner), and my dear sweet husband says,"Can't you cook any faster?" God, please remove all items that may be used as an instrument to commit murder. Seriously, Mars you better start frickin' runnin. Run for your life, 'cause you done messed up now. Can you believe him??? Oh yeah, there will be punishment. Ummmhmmmm. Serious punishment.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Kemah Boardwalk

Mars and I are homebodies. Jace on the other hand loves to go out. We're trying to get out a bit more for Jace's sake. It's really hard to drag Mars out of the house, though, so sometimes I go by myself. Anyway, I made him promise me that he'd take us out on his day off. So last week, we went to the Kemah Boardwalk. Seriously, we took longer getting ready than the time we spent there. It was soo hot!! I was able to get some good pics though. Here's some layouts I made this morning from those pics.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I can never seem to come up with a good title for my scrapbook pages. Sometimes I don't even journal a lot on my pages, just a little quote or a sentence. I've struggled with this because it's supposed to be a rule, right? Pic, journaling, title. A scrapbook page must have these three things. Ummmm, says who? I've decided that they're MY pages that are going in MY albums, so I can create however I'd like to. So, here's some pages I did today. No title, no journaling, and it's okay.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finally done!!

WooHoo!! I'm finally done with both wedding invitations! Now I can get start scrapping for me. It feels like it's been forever since I did a layout, so today I played with my new yummy AC and Chatterbox stuff. Felt good! Oh yeah, I tried the Coke Blak and EWWWWW!!! It was gross!! I don't like coffee, though, so maybe that's it. I'll stick to the delicious and oh so refreshing Coca-Cola. Anyway, back to scrapping, guess what starts shipping tomorrow?? My favorite stamp company of all time.....FONTWERKS!! Yiippeee!! I can't wait to start seeing this in stores. Well, I gotta go, 'cause Jace is STILL up and will not leave me alone so that I can blog in peace. So, I'm off to read a story, sing "Bad Day" for the millionth time and put this little boy to bed. 'Night.