Friday, January 08, 2010

It's on 2010!!

Ok, so I think by listing my New Year's resolutions, it'll help me stay on track...maybe not...but whatever. So

1. Lose weight. (this one's been a resolution since 2004 but hey, maybe this year will be the year, lol. )

2. Simplify. I want declutter and simplify our home.

3. Step up the Etsy shop. Do more promoting, new items, etc.

4. Eat healthier. This one isn't really to lose weight but more for my family's health. I wanna buy at farmer's markets, eat meat only a few times a week. Decrease fast food!! Buy organic when possible.

5. Get dressed every morning. Some days I stay in pj's all day, and well that ain't right, lol. I do shower but just get right back into pj's.

6. Be a better wife and mommy. (as if that's possible, lol.)

Anyway, so that's that. I'm also planning on documenting this year. So, I'm using a 12x12 AC Modern album, the Studio Calico calendar pages, and I'm hoping to get the Months and storytime number stamps from SC if I can ever get them before they sell out. :P

I've posted some supah cute planners in my etsy shop which I think are just adorable!

Anyway, I gotta go work on some quilt blocks for the quilting bees I'm in. See ya later! :)