Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Man, I haven't blogged in about a week. Been pretty busy doing invitations for my sister's wedding that is at the end of August and my cousin's that's at the beginning of September. Jace is in both weddings, and I need to go get him a tux. Mars needs to take his Marine Corps dress blues to the cleaners, and I need to find some dresses. Agghhhhh! So much to do, so little time. Just to add a little more to that, Cy is teething and has been fussy and crying and has just been wanting to be held and cuddled all day long. But what can I say, life is good. My guys keep me busy all day, every day. Hmmmm....I think I deserve to get all the new CHA releases that are calling my name, right? Well, let me try to get some sleep before these kiddoes wake up. Here's a pic of Mars and the boys wrestling and being loud. 'Night. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Feeling Blah

Today has been a blah day. I just wasn't feeling too well. I didn't do any housework or watch TV or play with my kids. I asked Mars to take over today. I needed to get in bed and sleep or lay down in complete silence. Mars is the best husband in the world. He encourages me take time outs and have "me" time. After all, he wants his wife to stay sane, right? I think maybe everyone's problems sort of take a toll on me. See, I'm the listener of the family. Everyone confides in me and tells me about their problems. Not necessarily needing advice, just wanting someone to listen. I love the fact that they trust me and feel comfortable confiding in me, but in listening to their problems I kinda take on some of the weight. I worry about them and am constantly thinking about what I can do to make things better for them. Well, I've just now realized (better late than never, right?) that the best thing that I can do is PRAY. Take deep breaths, IN....OUT.....IN.....OUT.... and hand over all those troubles to the Lord. Hand them ALL over. Ahhhh, I feel so much better now. He's the best, isn't he? Thank you, Father. I love you.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Team Hoyt

To love and to be loved like this is......i don't know...inspirational....amazing....a blessing. One can only hope for this kind of love. Unconditional love. Here's a little info on this amazing father son team. Team Hoyt. I'm speechless after watching that, so I'll leave you with some questions. Why not? Why not love like that? What's keeping you from it? Loving with all your strength, your soul, everything you have. Are you afraid? Selfish? What is it? Why not love like that? Why not love HARD? Hmmm.....I think I can love harder.....I will. To LOVE.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

7 gypsies and Coke Blak

OMGoodness!! More and more sneak peeks have been coming out with upcoming releases from CHA-Summer, and I'm dying. I want it all, no wait, I need it all. Well, actually, I've decided that I'm not just going to hoard everything I love, because in the past I've hoarded lots of embellies and pink papers and well, actually I don't use them that much. I'm really only going to buy what I know I'm going to use. Like all the new 7 gypsies stuff! Hello? Send it to my house right now. My cc # is __________. LOL.Seriously though, I'm in love. Truly, madly, deeply in love. Not just with 7 gypsies, but with American Crafts and Heidi Swapp, too. I think I'm gonna have to buy that new Making Memories timmer also. Jace broke my cutterpede ruler. Anyway, I was browsing through my Real Simple mag and look what I saw. Hmm....wonder what that tastes like. I'm not a coffee drinker, but this looks interesting. Might just have to look out for it. Well, that's all for today. My allergies are acting up and I just wanna go lay down and close my eyes. 'Night.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Heidi Swapp.......

She is taking all my money, seriously. I saw a sneak peek of her new CHA summer releases, and it looks YUMMY!!! There's so many awesome products coming out. Can't wait! Anyway, yesterday, was a really busy day. I got my sofas delivered, my mom made my cushion covers, and my Abuelita came to visit from Mexico and got to see my baby Cy for the first time. It was pretty cool day. Here's some pics from yesterday. I'm off to scrap a bit for some upcoming calls. 'Night.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Art Journal

My layouts are simple and linear, and I love that, but I also like to play. I love paint and stamps, but its hard for me to use them on my layouts. Don't know why. So, I decided to start an art journal. Somewhere where I can write and play with paint and stamps, without worrying about it being clean or linear. Anyway, here's the cover of my art journal and the first two pages. I really need to get some sleep now. Good night.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Home Decor (cont.)

Ok, for some reason, I couldn't get the other pic to upload on that post. Maybe it was too big or something. I'll get the hang of this, don't worry. Anyway, I was trying to post a pic of the fabric that I also got so my mom can make me some cushion covers. I loved the chocolate brown. I didn't really want stripes, but it had both colors in it, and well, I decided to get it. If I find some other fabric later that I like I can always ask my mom for more cushion covers, right? Isn't that what moms are for?

American Crafts dream and Home Decor

So, I had an oh so wonderful dream last night that I received this awesome package from American Crafts. It was full of all their CHA Summer releases. YUMMY!!! I guess I was so excited about their new stuff that I was still thinking about it when I went to bed. They're one of my favorite scrapbook companies, and I just can't wait to spend all my money on all their new things. I'm lovin' the paper, the flowers, the rub-ons, the thickers, the stickers. Well, basically ALL OF IT!!! In case, you haven't seen it, there are sneak peeks in Sarah's gallery. Anyway, we sold our black leather furniture because we, well I, wanted something diferent. We'd bought that when we got married and had no kids, but now, we have two boys, and I wanted a little change. A more family look rather than a bachelor pad kinda feel. So, I ordered some new sofas, and they're going to be delivered on Tues. YAY! I can't wait. My living room was all black with some gold, but now I'm really diggin' this green, blue, chocolate, caramel color combo, so I bought a couple of stuff to redecorate the living room. Well, actually my mom bought them for me as a belated birthday present. I got this votive candle holder, 'cause you know I have to have candles. I also got this cool little vase. I just need to get some flowers to put in it. I'm lovin' it all. Posted by Picasa


So, I'm trying to figure out this banner thing. I think I got it. It's not the best banner, but it'll do for now. I'll change it once I get the hang of this whole blogging thing. So far, so good. Let me go get my house cleaned up a bit and I'll be back to talk about my dream last night.