Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hangin'in there....

still. They scheduled me for Sept 2nd...ughh...still another week and a half...I've been trying to stay a bit busy. Cleaning my craftroom, organizing scrap and sewing stuff. I'm trying to clear out some inventory from my etsy shop, so for any blog readers I'm having a 20% off sale (includes shipping). Use code "Blog" in message to seller at checkout. I'll promptly refund the discount via paypal or you can convo me for a custom listing with the sale price. :)

I was able to get some scrap time in this past week cropping at Noel Mignon. Here's a few of the challenges. Lots of fun and great prizes. The school kit debuts Monday, and I'm jumpin on it. I need to get 5 school albums going.....holy crap...5!!! That's insane, lol. Anyway, I'm off to do some more organizing. Peace. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here he comes.....

I'm super excited and nervous about the new baby coming. I have an appt. Monday to give me the exact date....seems like it'll be next week sometime...yay!! I initially wanted a girl, so my only girl would have a playmate, but once we found out it was a boy...I wrapped my mind around that idea and loved the idea of having 4 boys....BUT now...hubby and a few others have said they think it's a we'll see. I'll have to get girl things, make a new quilt and baby album..but it doesn't matter as long as he/she is happy and healthy. :) Anyway, I had a baby shower last weekend with an animal theme. I think it turned out pretty cute. I made these cupcake toppers and favor boxes. I got the template for the favor boxes here.

I've also started on the baby's first year album. I'm using the Creative Cafe planner for it. I still need to add the months and stuff. I LOVE that it comes with with 4x6 photo slots so I can just add a couple pics a month and voila, yay!!

I knew I wasn't gonna want to scrap my baby shower pics, maybe just I bought one of those $1 photo albums from Wal-Mart with the ugly paper cover and made a lil' mini album for all those pics. I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

School's starting in about a week, so I made one of these for Jace's 1st grade teacher. Thought it'd be a neat lil' gift to start off the new year. I posted some in my etsy shop as well.

Well, that's all for now...I'm off to scrap and do some challenges for Noel Mignon's Summer Crop. Come join the fun if you get a chance. She also has some sneak peeks for the Sept. kit called Core Curriculum. I'm soo getting it. I'm a sucker for school kits. Anyway, I'm out. Peace and love. :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Enough Drama for the year....

What an exhausting, confusing, and absolutely crazy weekend we had. So, let me tell you about the drama. So..we're at the hospital...we're told that Jakey's x-rays show that he has an enlarged EKG is also done that comes up abnormal.....myocarditis is what they say. Three ER doctors decide that he needs to be in the ICU. We're told to make necessary arrangements...because the time we'll be there is uncertain....the next step is to take a biopsy of his heart. Depending of the severity medication will be required or even a heart transplant. To parents....that sounds EXTREMELY scary. The next day, the doctor in charge of the PED ICU comes in and tells us she saw the x-rays and agrees with the other doctors on the myocarditis. She then proceeds to question us on why we hadn't brought him sooner and how we could not have known that he had a weak heart. She really just left us feeling like the worst parents in the world. We spent hours thinking back and trying to see if maybe we did miss signs of something being amiss......but there was nothing.NOTHING.We requested for another cardiologist to see him before anything else was done. He came in...listened to his heart...touched his chest...checked the chambers of his heart and looked baffled....extremely confused. He tells us he NEEDS to see the x-rays and talk to the other doctor. Mars and I are wondering what is going on as we hear arguing, yes...arguing. After awhile, he comes in and tells us our baby's heart is fine. He doesn't know what the other doctors saw, but it may have been the thymus gland. Either way..his heart is fine....he doesn't have any may have been a simple stomach virus that he was too dehydated to fight off...but since he's been hydrated with the IV fluids and no longer has fever or looks ill...take your baby and GO HOME. We look at each other and are like ...what in the world??????? Sooo confused....How can 4 doctors have gotten it wrong?? 4 DOCTORS???? He walks out and in comes the horrible PED ICU doctor...tells us she's STILL going to put him on medication..and STILL going to run tests...and walks out. How can I trust anything they say now??? My mother instinct kicks in and I say I don't think so. I'm taking my baby home. She begins to argue and get loud. I tell the nurse to call security 'cause someone is gonna get knocked out...seriously. I proceed to take off all his monitors, IV...everything. She refuses to give us discharge papers, and we leave anyway. We monitor him on Sun. and he's doing absolutely fine. No fever...just back to normal. We took him to his reg. pediatrician today, so that he can examine him and to let him know what happened. He agrees with our decision and has recommended us to another cardiologist he trusts...just to make sure his heart is fine. Two things could've happened.....maybe a miracle happened....or maybe those doctors were all idiots and God sent the last cardiologist to us. Either way...we're so thankful. Thankful for prayers, thankful for HIS comfort, and thankful for HIS love. Extremely thankful.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Jakey......

I come to you with a request for prayers for my lil' one. He'd had fever for 4 days, and after dr. appointments that didn't provide us with answers; we brought him to the hospital. After tests, drama, and tears we're told it may have something to do with his heart. We don't have a definite diagnosis as of yet, but the scenarios don't look good. Horrible testing to come...and a true test of my faith awaits. As of now, we the Ped. ICU...tired, hurting, and grasping for hope. We'll get through this....we have to.

I leave you with some cards made this week for some challenges on 2peas. Just trying to use some supplies and get back into the scrapping rhythm. Peace and love. :)