Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finally done!!

WooHoo!! I'm finally done with both wedding invitations! Now I can get start scrapping for me. It feels like it's been forever since I did a layout, so today I played with my new yummy AC and Chatterbox stuff. Felt good! Oh yeah, I tried the Coke Blak and EWWWWW!!! It was gross!! I don't like coffee, though, so maybe that's it. I'll stick to the delicious and oh so refreshing Coca-Cola. Anyway, back to scrapping, guess what starts shipping tomorrow?? My favorite stamp company of all time.....FONTWERKS!! Yiippeee!! I can't wait to start seeing this in stores. Well, I gotta go, 'cause Jace is STILL up and will not leave me alone so that I can blog in peace. So, I'm off to read a story, sing "Bad Day" for the millionth time and put this little boy to bed. 'Night.

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