Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bubble Mailers

So, I was making my list of necessary items for opening an etsy shop and one of the items was bubble mailers. Now, I had a roll of bubble wrap leftover from the time when Mars was in Iraq and I'd send him packages, so I started thinking about making my own. I started searching online and look what I found: How to Make Bubble Mailers I love this woman! So, know I've been making me some mailers. All I had to buy was the rubber cement. Yippee! I have some other things to post, but my boys are driving me up a wall right now. So, let me go give them something to do, and I'll post later. See ya.


LoRi said...

OH, i like them there are so cute!!!
is that the books they were fighting over? lol (^.^)

Anonymous said...