Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School!!!

Today, I sent 5 of my babies to school. Jace is in 5th, Cy in 2nd, Elyse in 1st, Jake in Kinder, and Liam in Pre-K. WHEW!!! It was a crazy morning going to all 5 classes and meeting teachers. My kids are awesome, though. All in GT classes and excited and ready to learn. Soo, unlike me. I hated school. I'd get so nervous, that I'd make myself sick. It was a nightmare. Makes me happy that they enjoy it, though.
We set up a little area to hang up backpacks in the boy's room. They have a superhero themed bedroom, so I printed out little superheroes to label their spot. They are just the cutest! I got them from funkymushrooms on etsy. No more thrown backpacks on the floor.
Each of the kids gave their teacher an apple with this little printable and a getting to know you card. I made them using images from this cute shop.
Feel free to download the free Happy 1st Day of School and Getting to Know You printables. ^_^ Well, I'm exhausted. It's 8pm, and I'm going to call it a night. Talk to you soon. post signature


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