Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crafting & Mug Swap 2013

I've been crafting quite a bit. Working on quilts and making cute lil' baby gifts. I'm behind on quilts...and it's driving m crazy, but I'm determined to finish one by next week. Determined, I tell you!! It WILL be done.
One thing, that I have finished and BEFORE the deadline is the Mug Swap 2013 hosted by this sweet gal. I looked around for mugs at he store, on etsy, and I just simply coudn't make up my mind on what to give my partner. I finally decided to make one. There's tons of tutorials on pinterest on diy mugs, so I gave it a shot. I also made myself a polka dot one. Cause well....polka dots are awesome. One thing I did NOT know was that when baked, the color of the marker may change. My polka dots WERE gold...ended up dark green almost black. Not cool. But oh well, still love it. I looked at my partner's pinterest boards and noticed she had a live simply print pinned, so I decided to do that on her mug. I couldn't just send a mug, so I made her a hexie mug coaster as well. Yay! All done and off to its new home.
I've been a little hexie crazy lately, so I added a couple coasters to the shop as well. Bueno chicas, enough rambling. Certain children are asking for dinner, so I guess I'll go get that started. Yay. post signature

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