Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Ready!!

I'm so ready for summer! I love having my babies home, and not having to worry about uniforms, homework, and school lunches. I'm ready for some laid back time with the kiddoes. Last summer flew by, and I feel like we didn't get to do this year...I made a 2013 Summer Bucket List! I got the idea off of this site and I love it! I kept mine pretty simple and easily doable. Another thing, I'm excited about is a new app I downloaded called cocoppa. It's an easy way to add some cuteness to your phone. Things to know... it's only a shortcut to your app, so you can't delete the actual app, does that make sense? I just made them for the ones I use the most, and put the original apps in a folder. It does take up memory on your phone, so I wouldn't go buck wild adding a million of them. Just my opinion. Here's what my screen looks like now: Yay!! I love it!! Almost as much as I'm loving Instagram. Anyway, I really gotta go finish sewing up this quilt. Peace & Love. P.S. I posted some cute earrings in the shop. LOVE. I had to make a pair for myself, as well. ;)

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