Friday, October 01, 2010


...are coming. I like change, but in this case....not so much. I'm a SAHM, and I love it. Love having an etsy shop and creating stuff. Keeps me sane. But now, Mars will be going to school, and I will have to be the breadwinner. :( Not fun. Especially with all the duties of a family of 7. I have a feeling this is going to be exhausting. I've filled out a few applications, emailed some resumes, keeping my fingers crossed that I find a job quickly. I'm planning on keep my etsy open because... makes me happy. :)

So, besides, that...nothing much going on. Working on new items for the shop, and I just finished my partner's giftie for the pincushion swap, and I'm super happy with it. I kind of want to keep it for myself, lol.

I saw this cute pattern on etsy, and I had to get it. I just altered it a little to add a bunting, since my partner seems to like them. I also included an embroidered bluebird and nest little zippy with a mini sewing kit inside. Hope she likes it. :)

I guess that's pretty much all for now. I'll be super busy this weekend working on etsy stuff, halloween costumes, birthday party stuff, 365 album, quilting bee blocks, swaps.....crap...that's a lot of stuff. Maybe I should get my bootay offline now and stop wasting time. Peace, guys. :)

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