Thursday, September 21, 2006


Lately, I've been soo tired. I don't have energy to do anything at all. I know it's because I'm just not getting enough sleep. Once the kiddoes are in bed, I read, scrap, get online, clean, instead of just going to sleep. Like now, it's 1:30 am my boys are asleep and I'm here blogging. As soon as I'm done I'll probably scrap a bit. It'll be 3 by the time I'm done and I'll be up at 6:30 when Mars gets home. I'm seriously getting 3,4 maybe 5 hours of sleep. And that's interrupted sleep, too, because Cy will wake up usually around 4 am wanting his bottle. This has got to change. But if I go to sleep when the kids are asleep, I'll miss out on my quiet time, alone, to do whatever I want. Ugghhhhh!! There has to be another way. I'll figure something out. My brother and I were just talking about James, Mars' best friend, and he was saying how young he looked for his age. Seriously, this guy looks maybe 22. After thinking about it for awhile, he doesn't have the stress and drama that marriage and kids can bring. He goes to sleep early, works out, doesn't drink, smoke or party. So, he looks GOOD!! Soooooo, I need to make some changes...BAD. I've been working out a bit, but I've been taking it pretty easy. Well, Cy's 6 months now, and my body has had more than enough time to rest. It's time to kick it into overdrive. Yep, I'm making some changes. Some people might not be too happy about some of them, but oh well, too bad, so sad. I'm off to bed. (BTW, this layout is REALLY old, but I love this pic and quote.)

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