Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Contender

Just finished watching The Contender, and I'm kinda bummed. Well, first of all, since the beginning I was going for Norberto "El Gallito" Bravo. He was my favorite of all the Contenders this year. I love boxing, but I'm such a girl, when it comes to picking my favorites. I don't look at skills or talent. I look at the type of person they are, their heart, their family. Silly, I know, but that's what wins me over. Sergio Mora won me over last season. Anyway, when Bravo lost I didn't really care who won the Finale. I actually thought it was going to be Steve "2 pound" Forbes, but he just didn't bring it tonight. It was a good fight, but "Bad Boy" Brewer was a little more active, a little more accurate that Forbes. I guess in the end it turned out for the best. Forbes isn't married, and doesn't have any kids so $500,000 are just for him basically. Brewer, on the other hand, has 4 kids and works long hours at a tire shop to support his family. So, he'd have more use for the money. Anyway, that's my little girlie point of view. Anyway, can't wait to the 14th, when Joey's fine looking looking butt gets in the ring. See?? Once again, being a girl. I love the sport, and when the fight is on, I'm all about boxing, but right before the fight, like during the weigh-in, the press conference, and the locker room interviews, I'm like, "Umm.....hold up..." Seriously, I need to stop. Oh!! Did you see the Rocky movie that's going to come out?? What the??? Okay, I'm not even going to say anything about Sylvester Stallone making a movie where he fights Antonio"Magic Man"Tarver.I'm not going to say anything. Sly you're a hottie, you know, but baby, you're too old, honey. You just look silly. Now cut the movie making crap(especially the boxing), and come sit with Momma. Come on. It's crazy, but you know I'm gonna watch it anyway. Let me get my butt off this chair, and go to sleep. See ya.

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