Thursday, September 28, 2006

Any Marine

So, I ran across this site today, Any Marine, while reading Donna's blog. You know I love all our servicemen and women, but I especially have a soft spot for Marines. Mars is a Marine, as well as my brother. Being a military wife is hard, husband always being away, moving a lot, constant stress and worries, so many things that civilians mostly take for granted. Mars missed most of my first pregnancy, and then was in Iraq for the first 6 months of our son's life. That's something you can never get back.Ever. It's a daily sacrifice that these men and women AND their families make. I keep them in my daily prayers, and it actually brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear my 3 year old pray and ask God to take care of our military. I'm so happy that he has been able to pick up on the appreciation, support, and love that we have for the members of our military. It's an AWESOME thing to pass on to our children. So....if you would like to pick a marine or any member of the military go to that website, get their addy, and send them a little something. It doesn't have to be a huge package, just something, anything to bring a smile to their faces. Some of these guys, don't have anybody that writes them and sends them packages. Mars was lucky enough to get several big packages a weekwhen he was overseas. Enough for him and some of the marines in his unit. But many aren't as lucky. So take some time out of your busy schedule, and show some love for our guys that risk their lives daily.

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