Saturday, July 17, 2010

MIA for like ever!!

Oh wow!! March was my last post?? Crazy. So, where have I been? What's been going on? Well...craziness has been going on. In April, my grandmother passed away. She was 97 years old and tough as bricks. She'll be greatly missed. In May, I had surgery. I'm slowly getting better, but it def. knocked me hard. In June, my lil' sister had her first baby. Yay! and Hurricane Alex came through...But now finally, things are starting to settle down somewhat. Things have happened that have opened my eyes and given me a whole new perspective on life. I liked the idea of living simply before, but now I know it's the only way to go...for us, anyway. I've been working on decluttering our home and our lives. It feels good. :)

Anyway, I'll be posting info about a raffle I'm doing for a close friend later today. It involves yummy fabrics. Heather Ross Lightning Bugs and Flea Market Fancy to be exact. I also have a bajillion ideas for new shop items. One in particular is perfect for back to school, but more on that later. So...stay tuned. :)

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