Friday, November 02, 2007


I got the cutest lil' package in the mail today....a box of plushies for us. Elyse got a lil' doll. Jace got an elephant. Cy got a chick; and I got the most cutest owl ever!!!! The boys LOVED them. The elephant and the chick have been in a couple Ultimate Fighting Champion fights. They've flown, been to war, and been in a few races, thanks to my boys. Cy has it in his mouth constantly, but the poor lil' chick is holding up EXTREMELY well. My cutie has found in hisnew home on my bookshelf. They were a gift from my cousin Lori. She's gonna be opening up an Etsy store soon. Yay!! So, I'll keep you guys posted when that happens. I gotta go get dinner ready, but I'll post soon. I've been a scrapping and sewing fool!!

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LoRi said...

awww! yay! well i'm happy yall liked them :)

love yall lotz