Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Holiday Giveaway

and the winner of the pendant is.....xo.lisa.marie*!!!
Send me your addy and pendant choice to
Now...I've been completely swamped with orders, christmas gifts, and I'm gonna make this the last giveaway. :( I'm hoping to be able to do these again from time to time though. So the last giveaway will be a mystery package! It will include several items from my shop. The prize will total at least $20 worth of goodies!! So, just leave me a comment and I'll pick a random winner(this time with pics)on Friday.
Have a great week! :)


Dixie said...

Thanks for all the giveaways. Hope I win.

janice said...

love your stuff, thanks for the chances!!

Aestraea said...

wow, so many giveaways! it's my birthday so maybe I'll be lucky this time around :)

xo.lisa.marie* said...

AH! Thanks for the giveaways! :D I love all your stuff so! :D

littledeadmommy said...

Everyone loves surprises... I know I do. Count me in. Thanks for the chance!