Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Baby Girl Turns 1 (sniff, sniff)

Well, her birthday was on Thursday, but we had her lil' party today. Nothing big, just hot dogs, chips and cupcakes, lol. Elyse had lots of fun, though, playing with her bajillion cousins, lol. I think her favorite thing about the party were the balloons and cupcakes. I'm super tired and can't even think straight so that's it for now, but I leave you with some pics of her day...and one of Mars and I being lovey dovey, lol.


Anonymous said...

aawww that is soo cute!!! La Gordis looks so pretty

Sonya said...

Elyse is absolutely adorable! Love your cupcake set up, and the banner is too cute! Glad everyone had a great time!

LoRi said...

haha...she looks so cute!! glad yall had fun!!