Monday, December 18, 2006

Back from the dead...sort of

I've been MIA for awhile. Work has been psycho crazy. Whole lot of overtime. The holiday season in the airline business is no joke. Seriously? It's insane. I haven't had time to finish all my Chrismas shopping yet. I did manage to get the tree up and make a little centerpiece for my table. I'll post pics later. Haven't scrapped in forever except my Christmas cards, but they don't really count cause they weren't anything special this year. Just some pp and a merry christmas rub-on. Oh well. I gotta go shopping.....but I'm so tired.....I gotta clean a bit .......but I don't feel like it......I'm feeling kinda Grinchy this year. Is Grinchy a word? Oh well, it is now. I've been soo busy and tired that I haven't had time to actually get in the holiday spirit and be excited about the whole thing. If I didn't have my boys, I would've skipped the holidays this year, but for them I have to decorate and be jolly and all that mess. I sound so Scroogey, huh? Oh well, I'll work on getting into the holiday spirit today. :)

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