Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall Weather

I love fall. The days are so nice, and it makes me wanna just be outside and enjoy the day. Yesterday was an awesome day. We went to Kemah, and ate some catfish, shrimp, and fries. YUMMY!! We then went to ride some paddleboats. Well, I didn't get on because Cy couldn't ride. So, Mars and James took Jace and I just couldn't stop looking at my baby having so much fun. We walked around, ate snowcones, and watched Jace run up and down the hill by the Miller Outdoor Theater. At the end of the day, my heart melted when I had this conversation with Jace: Jace: Thank you very much, Mommy.
Me: For what, baby?
Jace: I had fun today.
Me: That makes Mommy so happy.
Jace: Ok. I love you.
Me: I love you, too, baby.
And then I bit my lip to stop from crying. Everything I do is for my boys. They are my reason to keep fighting and clawing my way out of this depression that has gotten ahold of me. To keep moving forward on my journey to a new and improved me.

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